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This is when you want us to start the social signals for the project,
reports will start to be sent the day after the start date.

Project URLs, Keywords, Signals
Url: Your website or page which you want us to drip-feed social signals.
Keywords: The keywords (separated by commas) you want us to use
when building your website, this is for SEO purpose.
Signals: The amount of signals you want to be made total to this URL.

Trial URL and Keywords for 200 Free Signals

After Trial URLs, Keywords, Signals
Note: You can use the same URL, Keywords as in the trial

Project Image
The image(s) you choose will be used for these social signals, example Pinterest, Tumbler.
You can submit up to 3 images in either jpg, gif or png format.

Description or Spin-formatted Description
The description of your website, this will be used when making the social signals,
so other people can view what the URL is about. Description maximum is 200 characters.

Spin-formatted description is a description which is rewritten using synonyms and
different words to convey the same meaning.

Example: Here is a {latest|original|exclusive|new|special} {info|information} that you can
{use|add|include} in your Spin-formatted {description|definition|summary} of your {business|site|website}.